Sunday, June 3, 2012

The bumper stickers are ready!

The bumper stickers are ready, and can be purchased by making a donation here. (We will then contact you for your mailing address.)

Take Your Blinders Off, Inc. is a non-profit corporation (awaiting 501c3 status) created to own and operate a video truck which is used to educate the public on animal welfare issues and other injustices. The truck is equipped with 7 foot outdoor LED screens that show animal welfare videos dealing with the 'behind the scenes' treatment of animals in the food, entertainment, fashion, and research industries. We are based in Orlando, but with proper funding, will hopefully tour the southeast. Dr. Randall Cannon has invested close to $70,000 so far into the truck and video equipment, and insurance alone is almost $5,000/year. Our goal is to educate the public and change minds by winning their hearts. There will never be financial compensation for any board members, directors, etc. All monies will be used to help those without a voice.


  1. The bumper stickers are awesome! Thanks for all you are doing for our EarthMates!