Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The TYBO mobile

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  1. We have been messaging back and forth on Facebook your followers and I. I care for the animals and their welfare but I do not approve of the method in which you send your message. Your truck should be censored and should not be allowed to emotionally abused the human children who are exposed to it without warning. I would like to know as none of you are group will tell me where do your videos take place? In other words when you show the cow and the pig and the chicks being abused where did this video come from? Is it somewhere in our country? Or are they videos from other countries and their meat factories? I feel you should let people know where you videos were taken place or at least be more specific. You've created quite a following for yourself which gives yourself The Prestige you desire and of course also opens people's eyes towards the cruelty of animals. The difference is people could go on to YouTube and anytime and research animal cruelty and see all the videos they want you do not need to drive a truck into a public area in this fashion psychologically assaulting the people and children who are present with no warning. I would like to know where in our country this animal abuse is taking place.